A Unique Travel Experience

We at MARAHEB firmly believe that the best air travel experiences are baggage-free and hassle-free. With this in mind, MARAHEB offers Off Airport Check-in services designed to simplify guests’ journey through baggage transfer and passenger check in.

A Unique Travel Experience​

What We Offer

MARAHEB offers Off Airport Check-in for departing guests. MARAHEB is currently launched in Muscat and will expand its operations to other regions of the Sultanate of Oman.


TRANSOM Handling Unveils 'MARAHEB': Off AirportCheck-In Service Muscat, 27 July 2023

27 July 2023

Oman Ground Handling Company "TRANSOM Handling" launched, in collaboration with Oman Airports, "MARAHEB" the off-airport check-in services.

This service has been introduced to keep up with the rapid changes in the travel and tourism sector, meeting the needs of travelers and providing them with a more flexible travel experience. This innovative offering allows travelers to complete their travel procedures from anywhere before the flight, with a maximum of 24 hours and a minimum of 6 hours prior to departure.

The service was announced by our Executive Director, Sheikh Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Azizi, who recognized the importance of adapting to the evolving demands of modern travelers.

The inauguration ceremony, held to mark the launch of this pioneering service, was attended by a distinguished guest, Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni, The CEO of Oman Airports. Also present were several high-ranking officials from airport authorities and representatives from various airline companies. This collaborative effort between key stakeholders demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience and ensuring convenience and efficiency for all travelers passing through our airports.
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