Refund Policy

General rules

  • As a general rule, refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment. The payment is deemed to be a reimbursement to the party entitled to the reimbursement.
  • Once the request for a refund has been made, and if you are eligible for a refund, we will provide the reimbursement within Fourteen (14) Business Days following the request.

Passengers’ obligations in case of a Home Check-in booking.

  • All Passenger(s) must be physically present at the Pick-up point and provide valid passports and ID documents for international flights, including but not limited to visas, certificates, or health passports and any other requirements of the applicable laws. Failure to abide by this condition will result in in immediate cancellation of the Service by us without any refunds.
  • Every Passenger is fully responsible to adhere to the number of pieces, size and weight of the luggage as per their Booking and as per the airline’s conditions of carriage. In the event Passenger refuses to pay excess charges for excess luggage then TRANSOM Handling   reserves the right to immediately cancel the Booking without any refunds.
  • If any Passenger(s) fails to present themselves at the Pick-Up Location within 15 minutes from the start of the Pick-Up Window, we reserve the right to leave the Pick-Up Location and immediately cancel the Service without any refunds.
  • Our staff reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to those who have not complied with applicable laws, regulations, orders, demands, or requirements or whose documents do not appear to be in order, and the policy of canceling the reservation of services shall be applied without refund.

Luggage restrictions, conditions, and obligations admission

  • TRANSOM Handling staff is entitled to the right to refuse to check-in in the event of non-compliance with luggage admission restrictions, and the policy of canceling services will be applied without refund.


  • Subject to the Service Terms and Conditions herein, you may amend or cancel a Booking either via the Platforms, telephone or by sending us an email that includes the Booking details to Any amendment(s) or cancellation(s) of a Booking is confirmed and completed only when we send a confirmation to you by email.
  • If you cancel a Home Check-In Service prior to Twenty-Four (24) hours of the Pick-up Window; we will refund in full any Fees that you have paid to us in respect of that Booking. We will process the refund within 14 (Fourteen) business days of notification of the cancellation. Refunds will be made only through the original mode of payment. Any cancellations of Bookings outside these cut-off times will not qualify for any form of refund.
  • We may choose to amend or cancel the Booking without any refunds if:
    • the passenger or his/her representative fails to present at the Pick-up location more than Fifteen (15) minutes upon the arrival of our check-in agent or delivery staff.
    • any Force Majeure is restricting us from fulfilling the Service.
    • you have provided an invalid delivery address or contact number or remains incommunicado on the day of service.
    • we believe that you have misused our Services, and we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of this.
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